Our Story

A little about Us

Our Core

SDD , headed by Architect Sandeep Damania graduated from the country’s premier Institute Sir J.J.College
of Architecture & practical hands on with Architectural firms in Mumbai namely Consultants Combined,
Mhatre & Associates and NPAPL(Niteen Parulekar Architects,Pvt.Ltd.) as a Director for 5 years with few
years in Dubai with KID before starting the firm Sandeep Damania Designs (SDD). SDD’s well developed
network extends its services across India encompassing full documentation of Architecture & Interior design
from conceptualization to execution of the projects.


Working extensively with a team of Architects, Interior Designers, Graphic Designers, and Consultants for
Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing; each assignment is carefully considered to ensure immaculate
attention to detail and aesthetics from inception to completion of the project. Our sincere, committed &
passionate team is obsessed with the design & service industry at large.


Whether it’s an adaptive reuse of space to breath new life into a building or creating a corporate office to fuel
business growth, we deliver inspired architectural design that takes you beyond just meeting practical requir-
ements. Our wide range of architectural expertise includes: Corporate Office Interior Design, Facility Buildings
Development, Studio Interior Works, Business Hotels, Healthcare Buildings & Interior Works, Hospitality Buildi-
ngs & Interior Works, Quick Service Restaurants, Residential Townships, Bungalows


Our Values Interests & Philosophy


• We at SDD believe that every individual is greatly affected, inspired, and changed by the environment he or she occupies.

• Our forte is to transform spaces after understanding the needs of our client & crafting beautiful spaces that evoke all the charisma & flair of International Design Trends.

• With an emphasis on contemporary style, we strategically use the very unique of our imaginations & deep research to create a sophisticated, distinctive and timeless design.


• SDD diversifies its interest in Retail, Commercial offices, Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing Plants & High end Residences.

• Our designs of the spaces have made significant impressions on visitors & guests of prominent value.


• Our company policy is not to do business without pleasure!

• All projects offer great advantages to explore products & materials, which represents a new adventure leading to better detailing and quality control.

• Focus on concerns of our clients is a constant attitude throughout each project.

• Built on a reputation of repeat clientele and word of mouth SDD looks forward in building long lasting relationships in the industry.