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Our Feasibility studies aim to objectively uncover the strengths & weaknesses of the site to record the sizes & conditions that may directly or indirectly affect the service positions (Electric panels/towers, telecom, Air-conditioning outdoor units, Water Supply, Drainage) The data is collected, analyzed & synthesized by our Team of Surveyors & technical consultants in the form of a Report for further use of our Client & Design Team.


We Provide CAD drawing package that shows the site’s Length, Width, Height, along with all existing approaches or openings , structural features, surrounding an-made & natural elements. This survey is accurate for its figures & the drawing package is accompanied by a compiled document of site photographs that acts as a visual reminder & assistance while Planning & Design.


On every project, our Site Planning mission is to deliver a solution that both functions successfully for users and contributes architectural value to its environment. SDD begins the site layout Planning with sketches over the Site survey, works to scale using block diagrams & drawing techniques with all anthropometric & ergonomic standards well placed & considers Vastu too on orienting Rooms for the desired use, natural day-lighting & adjacent space functions.


Each of our Buildings stand for their minute details to add prominent value to its size, structure, surrounding, sustainability & cost. The facades of the building are old and beautifully crafted with seamless yet sturdy material & construction methodologies. We are constantly evolving and updating ourselves with the latest technologies, paving the way for marvels in Architecture and Design.


We specialise in spatial planning and flow through; capitalizing on all aspects of functionality and practicality prior to developing the creative side of the dedicated areas.


A passion for creating special places shapes our design approach.Our team addresses design of each space with the objective of improving productivity through innovative visual impact & ease of use. The strategy of material selection & application is completely based on a pre thought concept & forms in Plan.


Working with the natural surroundings that an area has to offer, environmental enhancements are created to produce dynamic designs with pleasant combinations of flora fauna, rockery, light, wood, wicker, water & innovations by our expert Associates.


Utilizing structural features, Branding elements & themes, we create environments that consider the human need for information, identity & way finding. By making information meaningful and accessible in space, we can foster a sense of well-being, confidence and even delight.


The PMC partners of SDD schedule timescale & cost with definitive targets. The resource allocation, execution management & quality control are all co-ordinated well which reflect in the work progress reports time to time during execution.